Procurement Expertise

Commitment to Cost Savings Bringing Dollars to Your Bottom Line

Bandera is proud to offer marketing procurement services focused on helping its clients refine their supply chain practices, and transform their procurement and marketing departments to substantially reduce costs for the enterprise.

Bandera is especially experienced in uncovering savings opportunities, and implementing processes, practices, or technologies that allow the procurement and marketing teams to remain agile while delivering actual, realized savings to the bottom line. Our clients range small businesses looking to join a larger marketing services purchasing supply chain to major casino companies who desire a fresh view and gracious reform into their already established practices.

Bandera supports clients with a blend of strategic consulting and implementation, outsourcing services, as well as designing the right choice in procurement tools and technology solutions.

Bandera’s Support Never Ends

As needs change and as business evolves, you can count on us to follow through with new ideas, specialized technology and ongoing services to insure that your marketing savings initiatives and procurement continue to advance.

What You Can Expect From Bandera For Starters.

With the Bandera experienced personnel in managing hundreds of millions in marketing spend there will be no stone uncovered.

Departmental Budgeting Accountability

Focused Marketing Efforts

Inventory Control & Cost of Sales

Focused Marketing and Purchasing Management Efforts

Marketing Goods and Services Contract Negotiation

Marketing Department Process Improvement